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I’ve grown up in the church, always thought of myself as a Christian. I could tell you about my whole life and how being Christian impacts my actions and the way I think about the world. But, instead I’m going to tell you about a recent experience. A defining moment, a moment this year.

我是在教会里长大的,一直自认为自己是基督徒。 我本可以告诉你我的一生,以及基督信仰如何影响我的行为和我对世界的看法。但是我今天会告诉你我最近发生的事情, 今年一个决定我人生重要的时刻。

High School is a place where you find yourself, where you discover who you are and what you like to do. I discovered I really liked to learn and experience things for myself. I discovered I like economics and pineapple on pizza and apple in sandwiches. I discovered I like to always be doing something always moving forward onto the next big thing. I like to make things happen. Now, senior year is an odd time. It’s the last year of high school and as some would say, the most important. The one thing that’s on every senior’s mind is college. The path to college for me was filled with twists and turns but through it all I found God and he guided me.

高中是一个你可以发现自己潜能的地方,在那里你会发现自己是怎样的人和你喜欢做什么。 我发现我真的很喜欢自己去学习和体验。我发现我喜欢经济学,比萨饼上的菠萝和三明治里的苹果。我发现我总是喜欢做些对我今后将会有很大影响的事情。现在,高四是一个正如别人说的最重要的时期。在每个高四的学生脑子里想的事情就是考大学。考大学的道路充满了波折,但通过这一切,我找到了上帝,因为祂引导着我。

I applied for my first college in October, Stanford University. It was my dream from junior year to move out to California and join one of my best friends who also currently goes there. It’s always also been a personal dream to see the West Coast. I wrote and wrote hard. I remember revising my essay so many times that I loss count of my edit log. By October 15th, I was confident that it was the best essay I had written. I turned it in and prayed,“ please let me just be accepted”.

我在去年十月份申请了我的第一所大学: Stanford大学。我从高三起就梦想能去加州的斯坦福大学了, 我有一个最好的朋友正在那里读书,能去西海岸生活也是我的梦想。我很辛苦地准备我的申请材料,我一遍遍地修改我的申请信。直到10月15日,当时我感到这是我能写的最好的一篇文章了。那晚上我把所有材料都递交了,然后我祷告,“祈愿我能被录取”。

Turns out, on December 7th, I found out in front of my swim team, I didn't. I had gotten rejected. It stung. It brought me to a screeching halt I’m always moving forward, but this knocked meoff my feet. I I didn’t know what to do. For the first time in a long time, I was completely lost, without a clue on how to move forward. I felt desolate, completely alone. I thank the Lord for the many friends that I had that called and comforted me, and those that talked to me the last day. They all knew how much it meant to me. I believed that God had a plan for me, and that sometimes my plan and his plan don’t align. But I trusted that he knew what was best for me, and I carried on. I knew that I wasn’t meant to go to Stanford, God wanted me somewhere else.

I got past it. 2 days later I started writing again. Over winter break I finished all of my essays and breathed the first breath of relief.


The ensuing months of January, February, and March were some of the darkest times of my life. Through it all, I knew as long as I tried, God would do the rest. All I had to do was give it my all, my best effort. I realized that I had no power over the results, only over the process. I would polish the process as best as I could and trust that God would deliver results.

接下来的一月,二月和三月是我生命中最黑暗的时期。 通过这一切,我知道只要我尽我全力,上帝会成全其余全部的事。 我所要做的就是全力以赴,尽我所能。 我意识到我不能影响任何结果, 只能影响过程。我会尽我所能地打磨过程,并信靠上帝会带来结果。

I think everybody should go into an endeavor thinking they’ll succeed. We have all been gifted with the ability to make a difference. Success appears to those who chase it. It honors those who win the race. A big part of chasing success is realizing that sometimes you aren’t good enough. We all fail. God helps us realize that although none of us can do it without him, none of us are without him. Those who believe have the gift of knowing that God is with them, so that they can succeed.

我觉得每个人都应该努力地做事并得到成功。 我们都有天赋,有能力做出改变。追求成功的人才会成功,那是对那些赢得比赛的人的奖励。追求成功的很大部分是要意识到有时你不够好, 我们都会失败。上帝帮助我们认识到,我们没有人能够在离开祂的情况下能做到完全的成功。追求成功, 信靠上帝,这样才会成功。

I think a lot of us get lost in the race and never stop to look road behind us. A lot of us never appreciate the work we’ve done. I think we all have to slow down and realize we might be chasing perfection, but if we stop and look we’ll see that we have become excellence. I think God helps me a lot with that. Trusting that he knows what’s best for us gives us happiness. If there’s anything I can say that I’ve become these few months is happy. Slowing down and taking time to appreciate those around you really changes how you look at the world. Happiness isn’t found by winning the race, it’s realizing that you have the opportunity to run the race. That is the most important lesson I’ve learned. By trusting in God to give me my results, I’ve been able to truly appreciate everything I have. I’ve been able to be happy. I don’t have to always worry about everything. God will take care of me.

我想我们很多人在比赛中迷失了方向,永远不会停下来看看我们身后的道路。 我们很多人从不欣赏自己手头所做的工作。我想我们都应该放慢脚步,意识到我们可能会追求到完美,但如果我们停下来看看,我们会看到其实我们已经变得很卓越了。我认为上帝对我意识到这个有很大的帮助。我相信祂知道什么对我们最好,这带给我快乐。 我这几个月就很开心。慢下来,花时间欣赏周围的人,这真的会改变你对世界的看法。赢得比赛不会让你找到幸福,而当你意识到你有这机会参加比赛,你才会找到开心。这是我学到的最重要的一课。通过信靠上帝, 接受祂给我的结果,我已经能够真正欣赏我拥有的一切。 我变得很开心。我不必总是担心一切,因为上帝会照顾我。

On March 28th, coincidentally my birthday. I received word from most of my colleges. I had gotten rejected by a few, waitlisted by many, and accepted into two. Vanderbilt and Emory. Two days later, I got accepted into Georgetown. I breathed a breath of relief. I had done it. However, I realized that it wasn’t just me. My friends had helped me, my family, my teachers, everybody was a crucial part of my success. Most importantly, it was because I trusted in God. He gave me the peace I needed at such an important time in my life. He allowed me to see the blessings that I had. Instead of focusing on the fact that I didn’t get into Stanford. He allowed me to be content and continue moving forward. He allowed me to realize what I had and be happy and focus on the moment and what really mattered. I trust that he has a plan for me, and a plan for all of us.

Believing in him is really the best choice anyone can make.

3月28日,巧合的是我的生日。我收到了大多数大学的消息。有一些大学拒了我,有一些大学把我放在候补名单上,也有两所大学录取了我:Vanderbilt 和 Emory。两天后,我又收到了Georgetown的录取通知书。我深吸了一口气, 我做到了,我成功了。但是,我意识到这不仅仅是我,我的朋友帮助了我,我的家人,老师,每个人都是我成功的关键部分。最重要的是我信靠上帝。 在我生命中这么重要的时刻,祂给了我需要的平安。 他让我看到了我所拥有的祝福。而不再是关注我没有被Stanford录取这件事情。祂让我满足并让我继续前进。祂让我意识到我拥有的好东西并且快乐专注于当下和真正重要的事情。我相信祂有我的计划,以及我们所有人的计划。相信祂是任何人都可以做的最好的选择。